A Little Awkard Yet Satisfying

A grown-ass man yet does not act his age but more of his shoe size. Yet he is still branching out and curious about life. There is still so much to experience in life. You got to grab life by the balls and never surrender to fate and destiny.

However in reality, that is not always the fact. Well, guys, this is me. The guy, on the outside, looks like who is capable to bracing the world regardless of whatever it is thrown at him. Where in in fact, inside, he cannot make up his mind, feeling he can do it but the other side of him fear he might fail.

Hi guys, my name is Jhun and I am on my way to be an aspiring blogger. I guess ‘aspiring’ might be a bit too strong. Currently I would label myself to be more of a ‘wanna-be’ blogger. I do not have a specific genre that I go by but rather whatever comes into mind. However definitely, FOOD, COFFEE, TRAVEL, FITNESS and TECHNOLOGY would be the main pillars.

My ideal scenario would be this…

“Taking a trip to the Philippines to participate in Spartan Ultra and at the same time having a great time trying different kinds of food, drinks and their awesome coffee scene. There is no greater pleasure other than to enjoy the scenery, take awesome pictures and videos while navigating through the race using my trusty Garmin. It is even more fun sharing all these moments with friends.”

Why won’t you drop by and maybe stay a while.

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